Sunday, October 18, 2015

Update #1

Teresa and I started our MAD project a couple of weeks ago. We've been teaching three students every week on Fridays after school and each session is about 1.5-2 hours long. Typically, we each stick with our own students so that they will have a more stable teacher and wouldn't be jumping around from technique to technique. The teaching is going pretty slowly (for my student at least, Teresa says that her student is quite fast), as our students are brand new to the violin and know very little about it. However, it's really nice to see them developing some skills, even if it is just basic skills like holding the violin and the bow. As we progress, we are going to need a special tape to put on the violin to mark their fingerings as well as some practice or theory books. I think that we are going to need to either ask Ms. Weldon for supplies or go buy them ourselves. Teresa had an idea of expanding this MAD project to other people. We want to try and expand this project beyond just violin and beyond just a few students, but maybe include people who play other instruments and other people who want to teach their own instrument. To do this, we need to find people who are willing to teach and learn. The people who teach need to be of a considerable proficiency in their craft.